ten futile workplace cliches



i love cliches.

when i was a kid living out in the void space between red bluff and cottonwood in northern california1 i did not have a great deal of entertainment at hand. sure we had both cbs and pbs (but in the mid-eighties that was not saying much). in between exploring the outdoors and my chores, i spent a good deal of my time reading. mostly the set of encyclopedias that took space in our den. i had a personal goal to read every volume and retain as much information as i possibly could. and as most who know me can attest, i am a fiend for information. i love it. it fills my bucket like few things do2.

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rise above.


in this final installment of my personal ethos and standard that i am holding my teams at Rock Church to i am the part that is most difficult and most critical in changing culture. it is this part that i have gleaned from leaders and bosses over the years, and the part that i have failed in the most. it is not enough for us to simple be better and do better, we most hold to a higher standard.

today i conclude with rise above.

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do better.


in this second installment of my personal ethos and standard that i am holding my teams at Rock Church to i am covering the part that hits home most for me. through my life experiences and revelation from the Lord about who i am meant to be my personal mission statement was birthed. this part of my ethos is my personal mission.

today i continue with do better.

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be better.


over the next several days i will be posting several blogs revolving around the my personal ethos and the standard by which i ask my teams at rock church to operate. this ethos is born out of years of mistakes and triumphs and serves as the anthem that drives how i do what i do.

ethos is defined as the distinguishing character of an individual, group, or institution. my ethos (and the ethos that i strive to instill at rock church) is: be better, do better, rise above.

today we start with be better.

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