n. a group of persons related to another; family, tribe, or race.

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i am in love with my family. i don’t just profess love from them, have a desire to take care of them, and do what a father/husband should do – no, i am in love with them. i firmly believe that in God’s perfect plan of redemption, the balance between grace and mercy lies on the fulcrum of love. not american flavored affinity, buy deep abiding unconditional love. God, in giving us families, has given us a place where we can give and receive that perfect love from others – and through it all see it as what it is – His love for use being reflected out to others.

i am in love with my family. this is my family:

cheryl torio ceralde-elsonthis is my wife: cheryl torio ceralde-elson. she is the love of my life, my better half, my ball and chain, my old lady… i love this women beyond measure and strive every day to be a better husband to her – some days I succeed, others i fail, but at the end it all – it is her to whom i am privileged to wake up with every day.

emaleena ceralde elsonwhat can i say about my little girl? emaleena ceralde elson – what truly stands out with this young one is her confidence and desire to make everyone she is around comfortable – especially other kids. she is often called upon in school to befriend new kids and help them adjust to the class – that is an answer to prayer.

roman xavier ceralde elsonas far as looks go, roman xavier ceralde elson, has them in spades.  it helps that he looks a lot like his dad.  while my little doppelganger is coming into his own personality wise, i see in him as compassionate and caring spirit. he has a gentleness that is often hidden by his pirate and spiderman fixations – but at the end of the day his hugs can’t be beat!

for the rest of my family that extends beyond the nuclear, i love and care for you all: chooch, tom, bob, cinda, romie, lydia, shaun, amy, mat, jess, other matt, dick, amanda, clint, shea, clifford, megan, timmy, jojo, cleo, bay, gracey, bella, allison, kate…aunts, uncles, cousins, friends – i love you all.