come on kindle light my fire

kindle fire wins.

it is an inescapable truth, and as an ardent nook pundit it pains me greatly to admit this, i just simply cannot deny the reality of it.

i can explain, but let us first look at the facts:

  • comscore reports the kindle reaching fifty percent of sales for all android devices (as reported in forbes).
  • conspicuously missing from comscore’s report is the nook
  • barnes & noble estimates that it has nearly thirty percent of the ereader market (according to engadget—which is more than reported here)
  • amazon has about sixty percent of the ereader market

stay with me, this is going somewhere.

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crack in the ipad

so recently my three year old son, roman xavier (yes that is his first name – so what if there are two of them, that is just how his mom and i roll), broke my brand new ipad 2. and by brand new i mean i have had it for three weeks now. and by break i mean he was watching voltron on netflix with the ipad on his lap, he moved, it fell, the screen cracked.

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gtd – the elson way

so on my quest to be personally more productive i have realized that the reason the gtd system (created by david allen) is meant to centralize a persons life via one in-box.  well for me an inbox literally means my email.  if something is not emailed to me it does not exist (i am still trying to figure out a way to make text meaningful to me in this respect, but that is elusive as well).  the problem for me is that i have four separate email accounts that i do not like/want to mix.  one for work, one for consulting, one for personal stuff, and one i use to sign-up for all of my accounts.  so having one inbox for my life is out of the question for now – and i like it that way.

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