subtle reflections upon the blatant and obvious



that is a word that has some teeth to it. that is a word that is so deeply rooted in the human experience that we embody its meaning while excluding it from our vernacular. that is a word by which i have lived too much of my life.

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the beginning of fear


today, as in antiquity, the answer to the ultimate question of “life, the universe, everything” stands as both something that many do not accept and something that remains illusive to live out for those that do accept it.

to bring the conversation into clarity:

  • humanity has long searched for an answer for the reason why we are here.
  • God is the beginning and the end of the answer to the ultimate question (genesis 1:1).
  • that answer is either difficult for the world to believe because it is either misunderstood or seemingly too simple

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forty two


douglas adams, a british humorist and author, made his bones with a bbc radio show turned book, “hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy” (and an awesome video game)1. for those of you unfamiliar with h2g2 (that is what we geeks call the hitchikers guide to the galaxy), it is a wonderful obtuse, hilarious spoof of pulp science fiction and some of the assumptions made in utopian literature.  it is a wonderfully complex commentary on the genres it spoofs and is as poignant as it is entertaining.

it is the fundamental question that lies underneath the galaxy hopping adventures that is most interesting: what is the answer to the ultimate question of “life, the universe, everything.”

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this friday is truly good


on the way to church for wednesday night fun my five year old, roman, asked my if i knew why it is called “good friday.” now i am used to startling insightful questions and statements from my kids, but this struck me in a genuine and unexpected way. after answering in the dadliest way i could, my son responded dryly, “yes, it is a good friday because Jesus died for us.”

roman was not asking because he did not know, roman asked because he wanted to make sure that i knew.
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