the science of story

okay so my blog is sub-par. that does not mean that if you are reading this that you are sub-par, but rather that this site, from a literal, semantic, or a rhetorical sense is flawed. i am good with that. because ultimately the flaws in this site tell a specific story. regardless if i am aware of that story1.

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four reasons we need to abandon work expectations and focus on standards


my life, and i suspect that it may be the same for many of you, has been a constant stream of expectations: sometimes they are met, sometimes they are not. when my expectations are met i feel a sense of fullness; when they are not i feel a sense of dissonance.

either way, i, as is human nature, approach almost all situations i face with a sense of expectation and a sense of longing to have those expectations met.

unfortunately it is not the times when those expectations are met or exceeded that dominate my sense of understanding of my past and my memories, but those times when my expectations were not met.

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five truisms to help change your organization’s culture

over the years i have been blessed with the opportunity and the fortune to help shape culture in organizations. some instances were by design and some were the result of circumstance. none of them, i believe, have been accidental.

what i mean is that there are certain factors in my ministry and career that take shape out of the definition of who i am created to be. all of us can lay claim to a specific calling (okay, maybe not specific, but specific enough) and to a uniqueness about ourselves. in my case, one of those specific things is being an influencer for culture change.

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ten futile workplace cliches



i love cliches.

when i was a kid living out in the void space between red bluff and cottonwood in northern california1 i did not have a great deal of entertainment at hand. sure we had both cbs and pbs (but in the mid-eighties that was not saying much). in between exploring the outdoors and my chores, i spent a good deal of my time reading. mostly the set of encyclopedias that took space in our den. i had a personal goal to read every volume and retain as much information as i possibly could. and as most who know me can attest, i am a fiend for information. i love it. it fills my bucket like few things do2.

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