i have gotten multiple comments that the bitstrip comics i post are hard to understand or that the humor is not apparent. well that is fine and dandy as it gives me an excuse to write a blog post. for the un-initiated, bitstrip is a social application that allows you to create a cartoon avatar of yourself and places you and connected friends who use the service together in interesting comic situations with several nifty customization features (mostly text).

so without further ado here is the first series of bitstrip comics and their explanations:

number 1 this comic is funny because it has the letter “k” in the comic but i used the letter “y” in my caption.
number 2 this comic is funny for two reasons: it is a play off of the dos equis beer commercials about the most interesting man in the world (get it, i used “x”); “x” is also one of the least used letters in the english language.
number 3 this one is funny because i have used it three times and use a phrase that many of my closer friends would know me to use. this is now a meme folks. that just happened.
number 4okay this one is not really funny. it is rather lame, but it wins because it extends the meme. #boommccondor #yeahnathan*
number 5 this one is funny because it is literal. i use the number “1” and say there is only “one” thing…
number 6 this one is a riot. you see their is a movie that came out in 2005 called “v is for vendetta” a pseudo distopian film about rebellion in england. the protagonist wears a mask the entire film of you guessed it, guy fawkes. i am still laughing at this one.

* this is reference to kick buttowski (the kids love the show)


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