i am not a coffee geek. far from it. in fact i am very fond of frankencoffee™ — usually consisting of a package of jimm’s 7-in-1 coffee (mushrooms and all) and burnt espresso from the Logos espresso machine (for more information on frankencoffee™ stalk @Jeffrey_the_Red; for the proper use of the an m dash stalk @davidson_david).

that being said, i have discovered the secret of getting the best cup of coffee you have every had from starbucks. this is important as part of the staff at rock church i find myself consistently at starbucks for meetings (so close to getting my gold card) and the kids go to school were i work and school starts early. which means i am here early. which means i need coffee. our coffee service does not start until it is no longer early. which means starbucks it is.

now onto the three steps.

step 1: go to starbucks.

step 2: when you order look the barista (yeah that just happened) in the eye when you order and say “surprise me with a flavor.”

step 3: enjoy the best coffee you have ever had from starbucks.

no joke. i have yet to be disappointed. more often than not i am blown away by the creativity and the joy i see from the various baristas. as a pastor i rely heavily on non-verbal communication and situational expression to help me connect with those God has called me to serve. as such it is a really great way to make a connection and to start a dialogue with someone who actually knows what good coffee should taste like (it is their job).

do this often enough and the baristas will remember you and will go the extra mile to ensure you enjoy your caffeinated beverage. more often than not i am not i am treated to a subtle take on a flavor where the coffee itself shines and is not masked by tons of crazy flavors.

and herein lies a wonderful principle in life, business, and ministry: engage those in your life were they are (do not expect others to meet you were you are) and you will see the blessings that follow.

frankencoffee™ has no association with mary shelley or her work. the author of this post fully admits that using the term “franken” in front of a noun as a metaphor for something put together from random parts in a diabolical way plays upon the collective ignorance of american culture as frankenstein was the doctor who created the monster not the monster itself.


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