this latest installment of the random stories that i share with my children at bedtime quickly became a favorite of the kids; even prompting emaleena to ask me to make sure i write it down and share it with everyone. if you are curious as to what i am referring to simple read unique. pink. chicken.

key words:

  • animal: “cow”
  • emotion: “outraged”
  • color: “black”
  • time of day: “night”
  • first name: “rosie”
  • last name: “garrison”

in a really green meadow next to a really green forest there lived a lovely black cow named rosie garrison.

rosie was a kind cow.

she always said hello.

she always said goodbye.

she always said excuse me when she walked in front of the other cows.

one day rosie the black cow woke up and looked around and saw all of the other cows still sleeping. as she looked around she began to wonder why she was the only one awake.

“this is an outrage” she said.

“i am awake so it must be daytime.”

“i can see the other cows so it must be daytime.”

“why is no one else awake!” rosie the black cow exclaimed.

rosie thought that it was a bit dark for daytime, in fact it was a little black. rosie wondered if there was something wrong with the sky because it seemed a bit speckled. but no matter what thoughts rosie the black cow thunk she kept feeling more and more outraged.

suddenly rosie garrison noticed something peculiar about the sun. unlike most days when she looked at the sun her eyes didn’t hurt so much. in fact rosie thought she saw shapes in the sun.

outraged and confused rosie garrison went down to the pond to get a drink. when she saw the reflection of the sun in the water she could not take it anymore and she screamed as loud as she could scream!


“that’s right,” an owl passing by rosie said, “it’s the moon.”

rosie garrison, all at once, realized it wasn’t day, it was night.


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