recently i have begun telling my kids special stories before they go to sleep. at first it was out of laziness (i didn’t want to read them a book) and now it is a fun ritual we have. before i tell a story i ask the kids for random things that i then weave into the story. i honestly have no idea what the story is going to be until i begin. i have listed the key words below that they gave for this special story of a unique. pink. chicken.

key words:

  • number: “4”
  • adjective: “unique”
  • location: “farmer’s market”
  • color: “pink”
  • animal: “chicken”

one windy saturday morning a little girl and her family went to the local farmer’s market. now this was a big deal for a little girl. she was now four, and going to the farmer’s market was serious work.

as they arrived the little girl saw all sorts of neat stuff and neat people. she saw jugglers, and singers, and dancers. she even saw an old man with lots of balloons.

she saw flowers, and fruits, and vegetables. treats, snacks, and gifts of all kinds.

the little girl could not believe all that she saw.

as she walked with her mom and dad with purpose, they were on a mission, they walked to the area where local farmers brought various animals and meats to sell.

their mission was to get dinner.

so this little girl, who was at the farmer’s market on a mission (a mission for meat), all of a sudden she saw something—something spectacular.

the little girl saw a unique. pink. chicken.

it was amazing. stupefying. ridiculous find. she could not believe it. they found a unique. pink. chicken.

when they returned home the little girl was so excited about dinner. they would be the first ever to eat a unique. pink. chicken.

the anticipation was too much for this little four year old girl to bare. the farmer’s market, the performers, the food, the gifts, but most importantly the unique. pink. chicken.

as the little girl sat down at the dinner table she could hardly contain herself. and as her mom served their dinner a single tear rolled down her four year old face.

what she thought was a unique. pink. chicken. was just plucked…


One thought on “unique. pink. chicken.

  1. LOL, I do the exact same thing. Sometimes I throw in the random words assignment, but mostly I just make something up on the fly, and each story’s protagonist is a storyland version of the child I’m telling the story to, with a name similar to but not identical to that child. (So, AJ’s stories always feature a hero named “Aloysius Joaquin.”)


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