recently i took a post at logos bible software which, inevitably, meant that relocation to bellingham, wa is a necessity. while the relocation is not yet completed, my family is still in los angeles, i am fully immersed in my new post; back in a familiar world of technology, geekdom and the search for cool: i am back in the business of “web”.

to be sure, the web business suits me well and i seem to suit it equally as well.

it is a fascinating world to exist in; the ultimate goal of web, for business at least, is to make as much money as possible as fast as possible and as often as possible. yet success is measured not just in dollars and cents, but in cool as well. it is great to make money, but doing it in style is what seems to count.

what makes web most interesting however is the trichotmous and tenuous fulcrum on which it all rests. you see the web is an amalgam of ad-hoc creative efforts bound together by physical infrastructure and governed by primitive machine intelligence. that is: the web as we know it is a fragile synergy of three wholly competing interests often bound by a common thread—the idea of elegance.

the first interest is design, which pushes the visual appeal of the web and drives the human machine in use. the second, the machine intelligence, the behind the scenes programming and systems purposed for beauty and simplicity; code that is at once both powerful and obvious. finally the third, the yearning to be found and consumed: the content that is the stuff of the web.

what is called good web is nothing more than the convergence of the three.

the denizens of each interest are driven by their importance to the success of web; their primacy in the schema. at once self interested and at the same time seeking to push the other interests beyond comfort into innovation. none stand alone, yet each convinced of their place as the keystone; giving strength to the whole.

all three would be correct in claiming as such.

success on the web is simple: be wanted, be found, be relevant (content); be easy to use and appealing (design); and fulfill purpose without fail (development). none alone in the vacuum of space, yet never quite fully the same—set apart, together, for a shared purpose. with an ever changing landscape of technology and application possibilities web is a never ending dance of creation ebbing and flowing like the oceans tides; the ever swaying pendulum; an infinite loop of doing and change.

web is never done, just deployed.

there is poetry in the motion, and grace in the execution. the true beauty is that web is at once temporary and permanent; completed and never ending; whole and segmented. it is ethos, pathos and logos.

it is in the middle of this, the dance of binaries, i once again find myself.

i love my job.


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