so recently my three year old son, roman xavier (yes that is his first name – so what if there are two of them, that is just how his mom and i roll), broke my brand new ipad 2. and by brand new i mean i have had it for three weeks now. and by break i mean he was watching voltron on netflix with the ipad on his lap, he moved, it fell, the screen cracked.

over those three weeks i have come to appreciate the ipad, how it is used, what it can do, the potential for it in the future, and how it is destined to change my work flow. as a technophile the ipad 2 (not the ipad) is a very attractive format; great hardware; expanded capabilities; awesome price point.  to say that i was upset about the crack in the screen would be accurate, i think i even muttered an expletive (to be completely fair it fell twice the same day – mysteriously my wife was in the room when both happened – i’m just saying).

so the ipad still works, just has a crack that i didn’t notice right away, in fact it was during a change in scenes in angry birds rio that i noticed it and it looked like a scratch not a crack.

i went to sleep last night a bit upset, having told my kids (after they were in bed) that i was upset that the ipad got cracked and generally antsy because i needed to set time aside to go see if it can be repaired.

then the next morning happened.

two things to be exact.  my son came to my room (after going pee in the toilet like he does every morning! hey he is three, it is a great day when he wakes up and pees in the can like a man!) and stood near me and started crying.  i asked him what was wrong and he said he was sad because he doesn’t know how to fix the ipad…

that loud thud you just heard was my heart hitting the floor.

all i could do was to take him into my hands and my arms and hold him, kiss him, tickle him and tell him how much i loved him and that it didn’t matter about the ipad.  it was the best morning; seeing roman xavier’s sincere desire to please me and the hurt in his little heart that i was disappointed in him, and seeing how much my show of love filled the hole in his heart he was feeling and how he came alive when i showered him with affection.  it was the best morning.

as i drove to my office, i realized that roman xavier was just like me and how i often cower before God stuck in my sin and depravity.   how often do i sit near the Lord, crying because i don’t know how to fix the mess i made of my life, feeling like i am such a wretch that i could never get close to Him again.  but God loves us much more than we can imagine:

“If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give what is good to those who ask Him!” – Matthew 7:11 (NASB)

the gift i was able to give my son is love and forgiveness and that is exactly what God has given us in Christ.  i pray that i can turn to Him, cry out and crawl into his arms and have him shower me with kisses and hugs.  with roman xavier, i reached out to him, and pulled him to me—God has already reached out to us through Christ.

i think i may leave the crack in my ipad…


2 thoughts on “crack in the ipad

    1. i was going to keep it. i went to the apple store just to find out how much it would take to fix and they replaced it for free…glad for the blessing, but sad the crack is missing. strange blessings for sure.


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