as those who know me may attest, i am a geek of stereotypical proportions. that is to say that i have a certain fondness, appreciation and affinity for all things deemed “geek” worthy. from tolkien to asimov; from spock to chewie; from technology to hacking – i have embraced this as my life aesthetic.

this persona, however, has certain expectations – as my five year old daughter once quipped – “dad, i didn’t know you are a computer guy”. it comes with the territory. to put it another way, my family cares little that i hold an m.a., am a pastor, and have not held a technical job for fifteen years – they still call when they break their computers.

what some fail to see is that geekdom goes far beyond hard drives and processors, comic books and science fiction, fantasy and obscure popular culture. geekery is as much about a specific way of viewing the world as it is about stuff.

but it is that stuff that defines the paradigm.

the most common thread with geeks is the search for the fantastic. take a moment and imagine the geekiest geek you can imagine. let me help you out star wars, science, and comic books…

the hallmark of the geek paradigm boils down to these precepts: there is more to the universe than what we can see; it is cool to know as much as you can about as much as you can; and no matter what we discover about our solar system, pluto will always be a planet.

so yes, i am a geek – and not because i know who hari seldon is, but because i choose to see things through the geek paradigm.

the difference for me, i have seen what we are looking for, i have drunk from the cup, tasted the fruit. as molder always said, “the answer is out there.”

but what if the answer has already be given? what if the most fantastic thing to ever happen, already happened? what if the very thing so many have sought is right in front of us?

what if i told you it was God?

how geeky is that?


4 thoughts on “geekery par excellence

    1. To clarify; I actually did type up notes – I had been working on that post prior to the meeting and just edited it and published it during the meeting. It wasn’t like I was checking emails…


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