recently i have gone through quite a bit of interesting things in my life. from issues of changing compensation, coming to grips with certain aspects of my personality that i had yet to fully deal with, to the health and financial future of my children, to certain physical changes in me. just a bevy of things that have challenged me to my core and have caused me to re-evaluate everything about my life (well not my marriage and my family, but how i interact with them for sure).

but what happens when something comes up that offers a plausible explanation for much of it… what do you do?

i am not a hypochondriac nor to i particularly enjoy going to the doctors (in fact i will avoid it as much as i humanly can – not my thing, really really not my thing). but over the past few years i have had several occasions to which i have had to go (mostly illness or injury). late last fall, at the urging of my father, i went in to get blood tests as my dad was noticing that i had some of the warning signs of an inherited disorder that he has been on medication for for a half a decade.

when i got the test results back, my doctor and i decided to give things six month, have me change my diet, loose some weight and see where we are. in the past six months i have done all that i was supposed to (except loose the weight). today i went into the doctor to see about my foot. my normal physician was unavailable so i saw the doctor on call. as he was looking through my charts he asked me a simple question. “what do you know about the results of the blood test you were given last year?” i responded that my fat levels were a little high and that my sugar levels were good and that there was an abnormality with my thyroid.

the doctor went on to explain that the test results indicate that my thyroid basically is not working (i knew it was under-performing, but not working?!?). so now i am on maintenance medication starting today, and have to go back in for monthly blood tests for the next six months to make sure the medication is working.

the strange thing? when i looked up the medication and the symptoms of hypothyroidism it listed many of the things that have been effecting me – things that could have repercussions on my everyday life (not just the physical, but the emotional and psychological).

so what to make of this? should i be optimistic that getting my thyroid in order may help my energy, keep me from bouts of emotionally messiness, make my joints feel better and help me grow back my hair – or should i be worried that this disorder may cause more sever problems down the road?

i guess the first thing is to pray and thank god for modern medicine – the second thing? head to the pharmacy and pick up my medication.


2 thoughts on “a matter of health

  1. Nathan,
    When I had vocal cord cancer in 2003, I had radiation to my throat area for 5 months. This lilled the thyroaid gland and it was not working at all. I had all of he symptoms you described, also the hair loss and about 30 lb wt gain. We have to be on these meds always. It is really tough, the fatique and emotional rollercoaster is debilitating at times. They montitor your levvels, it taks time tocome within the range of norma. That as in 2004 and it is still not like it used to be. I understand very well how you feel!!!


    1. Margie – thank you for sharing your experience, it is something that I will hold on to as I begin to process these things. I have been getting tested for a while now as this runs in my family, but even if you know it is coming it is still something that needs to be dealt with. Encouragement from friends like you helps tremendously.


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