Numbers 34; Proverb 25; John 7

highlights – Proverb 25:27; John 7:4; 7:8; 7:18

ever sit down to evaluate things in your life, feel frustrated with what you are doing and just want to scream for more? i find myself in that situation now. but after this mornings reading, something else began stirring in me.

you see I have been wanting to find my voice and to figure out what I have to say that may bless people (and God). but this morning is making me re-evaluate my re-evaluation. in Numbers 34 moses is given the borders of the promised land from God and sets the parameters by how it should be divided. in and of itself, this is not very remarkable for a simple study – but in conjunction with Proverb 25 and John 7 a pattern emereges. this morning i was challenged by the Word of God to figure out if i am searching for my own glory or will i simply receive my glory from God in his time in his way? what does that look like. should i not try to find that voice – or do i need to sit back and let God work and not me?

good stuff.

Proverbs 25:27 (NASB) – “It is not good to eat to much honey, nor is it glory to search out one’s own glory.”


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