I know that I try to be clever with the titles of my posts – some play on words or something kitschy about my posts.  However this time this is a literal title.  Today is a day to mourn the tragic death of a young athlete.  Nick Adenhart, a twenty-two year old pitcher for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim was killed in a traffic accident with a drunk driver early this morning, mere hours after his “break through” pitching performance for the Angels against the Oakland A’s.Rather than recounting the events that led to this tragedy or anything else trite or rehashing what is on every sports related website (well at least the big ones); I want to speak from the perspective of someone who has experienced what everyone one involved is dealing with.  There is a certain fragility to life that cannot be explained away by science or by theory.  A certain quality of existence that goes far beyond any argument between atheists and Christians.

Life is fragile, it can end in a heartbeat – this should lead rational people to question why life exists and if there is a purpose.  If there is no purpose to life and life just happens then this tragedy would not cut so deep for so many.  But simple-rational thought compels me to believe thier is a purpose to existence and if there is than that purpose has to come from somewhere (thanks God!).  I hope and pray that not only that those effective directly by this tragedy find purpose in thier lives – but that we all find purpose in Nick’s death.


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