As part of my work life I find myself constantly looking for places to get connected, plugged in an generally be able to do my work wherever I am (as for what I do – I have a Chandler-esque quality of no one really knowing what it is I really do).

It comes down to this – I need to be able to function at 100% capacity regardless of physical location. So I find myself in my mobile office a great deal – whichever coffee shop I am near with wi-fi and a power outlet (good coffee optional).

More often or not that ends up being the closest Starbucks. Although when it comes to technology I am a big proponnant of “free” (in every conceivable context) – I also am a fan of delivering.  And it is key for me to know that I can get the same service – for better or worse – at every Starbucks.

Technology should not exist to make our lives better but it should be a tool that we can employ that allows us the opportunity to be better at whatever it is we do.  For a fee or not, having the same access (not to mention the same coffee) is where Starbucks makes it’s mark.  Whether you like them or not, they understand this important aspect of a technological society – and they deliver.


2 thoughts on “starbucks

    1. of course not – I actually will need you to keep me motivated to keep this thing up to date – BTW, that is an amazing pic of peter and I.


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